Cold Blooded –   Vinyl album

Cold Blooded Cover

Cold Blooded Back

Australian rockers Strange Karma are one of the rare few bands that successfully manage to combine the powerhouse rock elements of Led Zeppelin with the flair and pomposity reminiscent of Queen.  As you will hear in this slab of vinyl you are holding in your hands, this is a veritable arsenal of ten new songs that have been cultivated and primed to take over the airwaves.  The ups and downs of Strange Karma’s path to rock stardom has led up to this moment, where what was once Australia’s best kept secret is now on the brink of becoming the definitive next movement in rock and roll.

Today the record, tomorrow the world.


Side one:

  1. Freedom
  2. Devil From the Moon
  3. Crying For Your Love
  4. Realize
  5. I Believe (London Town)

Side two:

  1. Heart Beat
  2. Should’ve Seen It Coming
  3. Cold Blooded
  4. Hey Man
  5. Dreams



Martin Strange

Lead Vocals, Piano, Guitars


Paul Strange

Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals


Jason McDonald




Arranged, Recorded, Mixed and Produced by David Ivory

Co-Produced by Joe Lam


Executive Producer Strange Karma


Music & Lyrics by Martin Strange

Music by Paul Strange

*Music and lyrics by Martin Strange, Music by Paul Strange, David Ivory and Joe Lam



Vocals, Piano and Guitar performed by Martin Strange

Guitars performed by Paul Strange

Drums performed by Jason McDonald

Bass performed by Doe Prijono

Percussion performed by Pablo Batista

Backing Vocals performed by Persia Sound and Alisa B (RIP).


Engineers: Matt Carlin, Dave Tatasciore, Joe Lam, Kevin McCreary

Assistant Engineers: Dan Haig, Connor Wallis, Ethan Caplan, Doug Green


Doug Green A&R Ivory Productions


Recorded @ Dylanava Studios G-Valley PA


Chip Ruggieri Project Management and Public Relations


Thank you to Jay Minot and Dave Page Guitars and Amps.  Special thanks to Chip Ruggieri.


Cover artwork and packaging design

By Ciao Caldas at

Band photo by Glen Morgan

*Band photo edited by cadiesArt


All Songs performed by Strange Karma


Strange Karma 2016 all rights reserved