The story of Strange Karma begins, as most rock and roll stories often do, with a single moment and a spark that turned itself into a raging inferno.  This spark took place inside a tiny little bar in New York City with our lead singer Martin Strange.  After a few drinks, Martin would take to a table and begin belting out the lyrics to Led Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll” to a crowd of fascinated bar patrons.  Once his impromptu performance was completed, Martin’s path became clear – he knew what had to happen next.

He quickly returned to his native Australia, and with his brother Paul in the mix, started developing an arsenal of original songs.  These songs captured the powerhouse rock elements of Led Zeppelin, with a flair and pomposity reminiscent of Queen.

The young brothers first started out playing at dives in the city’s infamous red light district, and soon became regulars at open mic nights and various hot spots around Sydney.

In the early 2000’s, Martin and Paul put together their first band amplifying their already high energy show. This new energy would soon lead them to tour the UK, where they would receive rave reviews and develop a strong, loyal fan base.

Upon returning to Australia three years later, lineup changes forced Martin and Paul to regroup.   A number of auditions later, drummer Jason McDonald was brought into the fold, and Strange Karma hit the Sydney scene hard – touring relentlessly, playing both the old favorites and new songs forged from the fires of life on the road.  In 2010, the band would receive high honors from the UK, being awarded an MP3 Music Award for Best Unsigned Act.

Months after the UK award, Strange Karma decided to take the leap and bring their act to the States.  Quickly organizing dates in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Strange Karma was received with an overwhelmingly positive response.  In this time the band took over LA’s Sunset Strip with repeat performances at venues such as The Roxy Theater, The Cat Club and the legendary Whisky a Go Go.

Strange Karma’s first independent album release has received outstanding reviews concerning their style and approach, including Classic Rock Magazine describing them as “Wild, flamboyant and larger than life,” and the WVOX Metal Mayhem stating “Strange Karma is one of the most refreshing and highly innovative bands I have ever had the pleasure of spinning on air.” And finally, Classic Rock Revisited hold Strange Karma in extremely high regard – “The band has been compared to Led Zep in many reviews, but I think that is unfair. A lot of bands copy Led Zep, but not Strange Karma…one finds a very unique and hard rockin’ band. Strange Karma is a true hard rock band that mixes old school tricks with a modern twist. In short, they rock!”

Strange Karma returned twelve months later, playing from LA to New York City and back on a breakneck pace.  It was on this tour that the band was introduced to producer David Ivory (Halestorm, Silvertide, The Roots).  The following summer, Strange Karma would fly back to Ivory’s suburban Philadelphia studio and record what would become their highly anticipated follow up to their debut album.

Featuring their hard-hitting single “Devil from the Moon” and the title track “Cold Blooded” Strange Karma’s new album is a veritable arsenal of ten new songs that have been cultivated and primed to take over the airwaves.   The ups and downs of Strange Karma’s path to rock stardom has led up to this moment, where what was once Australia’s best kept secret is now on the brink of becoming the definitive next movement in rock and roll.

Today the record, tomorrow the world.  Welcome to Strange Karma.





“From the first chord to the last,I dropped everything I was doing and was consumed by a barrage of Pure Rock and Roll.”Devil From the Moon” is a Rock And Roll Treasure…” Tom Terbrock – General TFT Metal Militia

“Strange Karma is one of the most refreshing and highly innovative bands I have ever had the pleasure of spinning on air” Matt O’Shaugnessy – WVOX Metal Mayhem show

“Wild, flamboyant and larger than life” Classic Rock Magazine

“A Classic Rock band for the 21st Century might be the best description for these guys!” Dark Starr – Wormwood Chronicles ezine

“The band has been compared to Led Zep in many reviews, but I think that is unfair. A lot of bands copy Led Zep, but not Strange Karma….one finds a very unique and hard rockin’ band. Strange Karma is a true hard rock band that mixes old school tricks with a modern twist. In short, they rock!” Jeb Wright – Classic Rock Revisited

“Love at first riff” Jamie Hutson – Vegas Rocks Magazine

“Strange Karma’s stadium style hard rock/metal is the perfect fit for today’s current market of people looking to the past for current inspiration” We Love

“One thing to note about Strange Karma is that they have a sound that was bigger than the venue tonight and, as luck would have it, that has been the case at every club they play. They are more than deserving to play stadiums and arenas and they have a sound that is just as big, rich and full. I have rarely encountered a band that has such a rich, full, sweeping sound” Mark Lewis –

“There will not be a soul able to resist the power and raw talent of the band called Strange Karma!” Scott Ward – Sea of Tranquility

“I’m going to start this in a big way. Who in the hell needs a Led Zeppelin reunion when we have a band with the sound of Strange Karma” We Love Metal

“Strange Karma is a hot new hard rock band from Australia that is gaining some momentum in America” Power Line Mag

“The Sydney-based band takes its cues from the classic ’70’s rock sound, but unlike a lot of their peers, Strange Karma has the kind of heart, soul and creativity to make that retro rock sound credible” Justin Gaines – Hard Rock Haven

“Its damn time we get away from gaga and goo goo music and remember what real rock is all about” Jeb Wright, Classic Rock Revisited

“These guys are the second coming of the music that started it all” We Love

“they are an incredibly gifted band…….can’t wait to have them rock the Whisky again and again….” Celina Denkins, Whisky a Go Go

“Every so often I come into contact with a band that stands above the others with a passion and drive that does not exist very often in this business. Such is the case with Strange Karma…It is rare that every member in a band is at the top of their game and shines like a star in their own special way but Strange Karma glows all the way in that respect. It is hard to believe these guys are not signed on a major label, but I do believe they are on their way.” Sally Steele – Vegas Rocks Magazine

“Such a magical experience doesn’t grow on trees, and for the record, they give a performance you will remember and treasure for a lifetime!” Mark Lewis – rockover

“Strange Karma have many things going for them, they are smart, worldly, hardworking and savvy. Most of all, they are talented songwriters and musicians who are hell bent to take on the world of rock n roll” Jeb Wright, Classic Rock Revisited

“You have to be damn keen and thick-skinned to want to make rock music a career, particularly if your home base is Australia. You have to want to do it all yourself and have the perseverance of a reptile. To illustrate how true this is, Strange Karma has selflessly volunteered to prove it!” Damien McDonald – Sludge Factory website

“It’s rare that a modern band so successfully channels the classic ’70’s rock sound. Strange Karma does it brilliantly and without sounding like a nostalgia act” Justin Gaines – Hard Rock Haven

“Strange Karma is both the future and the past. That is a very unusual way to put things, but how else do you describe a band that wears their influence on their sleeve for the modern world to see!” We Love

“We got the privilege to open for Strange Karma when they were here In Vegas. A killer, killer band that is gonna be huge! Awesome musicians and very, very nice down to earth guys!” Kimo Maiwela – bass guitarist for Vegas classic rock showband Rockkarma

“The excitement was in the air, so thick you could cut it with a knife” Mark Lewis –

“Sure these one off reunion shows are great for you purists, but to have original material with all the elements of Zeppelin kicking around the Aussie outback makes you think that Zep would want the torch passed and their fans to jump on this new airship” We Love

“Strange Karma, a band that will literally blow your mind” Mark Lewis –

“The band takes an unusual approach to the classic rock sound, and they make it seem completely normal” Justin Gaines – Hard Rock Haven

“Not to take away from Page and the boys, but Strange Karma appears to have tapped into the life blood that was Zeppelin” We Love