FROM THE VINYL TAP: This month we get to return to doing something we love – breaking the seal on an LP and dropping the needle on a record. Vinyl sales are at their highest levels since the CD became king and this month we have Strange Karma ( to thank for the experience. Their latest album Cold Blooded is a vinyl-only release and the ten-track album includes the lead-off single, “Devil from the Moon” that helps this primer on the Australian power trio really blast off in demonic and fiery fashion. Comprised of members Martin Strange (lead vocals, piano, guitar), Paul Strange (lead guitar, backing vocals), and Jason McDonald (drums), the group’s singer/leader is especially proud of the release, they say: “We all think this record is a great snapshot of what Strange Karma is all about – it showcases the versatility of the music we like to create and play.” It’s awesome to hear a band who are drawing comparisons to Led Zeppelin and Queen excel in the format that made those classic rockers soar. Vinyl is back and Strange Karma might be rock’s next great ambassadors – stranger things have happened!